Treatment Available
   Dental implants
   As we age, some of us will lose teeth due to disease, injury, or simple daily wear. In addition to bringing about unwanted changes to a person's facial appearance, missing teeth have a negative effect on that person’s confidence and self-esteem.
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  Root canal treatment
   Root canal is a dental procedure which helps in removing the entire internal parts, mainly pulp chamber of the tooth. It also involves the filling of the prepared empty cavity with a suitable bio-compatible material.
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  Crown and bridge
   Chances are that you're considering having a crown, a number of crowns or a permanent bridge designed. To assure the most esthetic and functional results possible, your cooperation and understanding are especially important to us. In this page we'll take you, step by step, through crown and bridge treatment.
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  Gum surgery
   Believe it or not, gum problems are the most common diseases affecting the human population.
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  Teeth whitening
   We at our clinic provide chair side as well as home bleaching options for the patients interested in getting a whiter shade for their teeth. Bleaching the teeth in the clinic takes about 40mins whereas the home bleach is used by the patient by the patient on a custom made tray made to fit the teeth to be used at night.
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  Smile design
   For an extreme smile makeovers to get the smile you have always dreamt of with accomplished and skilled dental artisans capable of complete cosmetic restorative and reconstructive methods to acheive the most dramatic cosmetic smile makeover.
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  Complete dentures
   Types of Complete dentures:
Complete Denture,  Overdenture,  Implant-Retained Denture,  Immediate Denture, Partial Denture.
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