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Types of Complete dentures:

Complete Denture - complete dentures is placed by dentist in the patient's mouth after all the teeth havebeen extracted and the gum tissue has healed. Healing takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months by dentists, depending upon the patient.

Overdenture - An Overdenture usually requires that at least 2 roots be kept. These roots may be used to hold the dentures in place by placing inserts in the roots and in the dentures. The denture then attaches to the roots. These roots also give support to the denture and help retain the ridge the denture sits on.

Implant-Retained Denture - An Implant-Retained Denture is the type of dental prosthesis that uses implants as anchors. We at dental art chennai, our dentist may suggest conventional implants to support your denture or MDI-mini implants designed only for dentures.

Immediate Denture - An Immediate Denture is placed the same day the teeth are extracted by chennai dental art dentists. The advantage to an Immediate Denture is that the patient does not have to be without teeth during the healing period.

Partial Denture - A Partial Denture or "removable bridge" replaces one or more missing teeth, but there must be teeth remaining for the partial to attach to. Unlike a Fixed Bridge, a partial is removable. A partial will prevent other teeth from shifting, preserving your remaining teeth.

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